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Things are not going as he planned | #SexySnippets #RainbowSnippets #DarkRomance

Happy Sunday! Welcome back to Sexy Snippets.

I've gone back in time to bring you a teaser from Live or Die, my story in the Lawless Manlove Anthology.

In this scene, Zakhar has an audience with Alexei after 10 years apart but it's not going as he planned.

Alexei settled back into his chair, hand still on the gun which now lay on the desk, his expression unreadable. “Start talking.”

Now that his undivided attention focused on me, my throat dried out, and my hands shook as the adrenaline ebbed in my veins. I needed a drink or two, perhaps something stronger to take the edge off.

When I’d agreed to this assignment, I hadn’t realized it would be so difficult to sit before him and do what I’ve done often for the past ten years—tell a series of made up stories to maintain my cover. Tell lies to Alexei.

My gaze bounced around the room while I worked saliva into a parched mouth and rubbed my hand over a perspiring neck.

Like a hawk, he watched every move I made, his eyes the color of an obsidian night. As if he could see through to my anxiety, see through to the man I hid from the world.


Did you enjoy it? Leave me a comment.

Find out more about the Lawless Anthology.

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