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Preoccupied with his rant | #SexySnippets #RainbowSnippets #MMRomance

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets and more teasers from Bound to Liberty.

Preoccupied with his rant, James didn’t notice Ethan move until their faces were separated by inches of air, making James freeze mid-word.

“You are,” Ethan’s voice rumbled—deep, seductive and reassuring—before he stole James's breath with a kiss.

James’s body tingled and gooseflesh broke out all over his arms and legs. He hadn’t expected this sensuous, languid caress from a man like Ethan. The man oozed enough mystery to make James vibrate with anticipation in his presence. His heart raced with the promise of the osculation.

Ethan leaned back, breaking the sweet contact.

Thirsting for more, James followed the man’s movement, chasing his mouth. He rose from the carpet and climbed onto Ethan’s lap, straddling him.


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