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The man might yet drive him insane | Bound To Liberty #SexySnippets #MMRomance

Welcome back to sexy snippets. I'm continuing with more from Bound to Liberty which is now available to preorder.


*This is a first draft version and unedited*


James’s hot breath fanned the soft fabric of the slacks, adding to Ethan’s arousal.

Another groan rumbled through Ethan. His cocky sub was back and teasing him with the slow, swirling, tortuous caresses of slender fingers before they drifted to his buckle.

Ethan wondered at the wisdom of giving James some level of control even if only for a little while. The man might yet drive him insane with sexual torment.

James glanced up, his onyx eyes twinkling with adoration and pleasure as his pink tongue poked out and swiped his bottom lip.

The grip around Ethan’s heart squeezed as his breath caught.

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For even more fun, hop along to the other sexy snippets this week.

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