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Why did it have to be for only a week? | Bound To Liberty #SexySnippets #MMRomance

Welcome back to sexy snippets. I'm continuing with more from Bound to Liberty which is now available to preorder.


*This is a first draft version and unedited*


Ethan’s words called to him in the most intimate way, to a side of him he never knew he could express openly.

He’d watched his brother’s interaction with his wife. Seen the way they were attuned to each other’s needs and admired the depth of their awareness of each other.

Watching their devotion to one another had inspired cravings within James.

Would he ever meet a man who would be as devoted to him as Henry was to Gloria?

Yet here was Ethan offering him something similar. Why did it have to be for only a week?

Did you enjoy it? Leave me a comment.

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