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Tension arced in the air | Bound To Liberty #SexySnippets #GayRomance

Happy Sunday!

Welcome back to sexy snippets. I'm continuing with more from Bound to Liberty which is now available to preorder.


*This is a first draft version and unedited*


The lift doors opened and they walked out. Tension arced in the air, heightened by the silence between them.

But it wasn’t the usual excitement that led up to sessions of lovemaking.

Last night when they’d left the nightclub and returned here. Body coiled in expectation, they’d stood apart in the lift but couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. As soon as Kezie had opened his apartment door and they’d stepped inside, they’d attacked each other’s clothes, as they’d kissed.

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For even more fun, hop along to the other sexy snippets this week.

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