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Everyone likes a shower scene, right? #SexySnippets #GayRomance Lawless Anthology

Happy Sunday!

It's been a while since I shared snippets over here. Since I'm writing again, it makes sense to join the fun.

Do you like shower scenes? Yeah, me too. *grins*

Here's one taken from story Live or Die, featured in the Lawless Manlove Anthology. Enjoy.

Sun rays made the sweat glisten on my body as I stripped off the kit and headed to the shower. I stood under the cascading warm water, soaping my body when I heard a sound and turned around.

Zakhar stood at the entrance to the wet room in his briefs.

My cock filled out. Damn. He looked hot standing there with a tentative smile, his blond hair sticking up in all directions and his body calling for me to explore.

Did you enjoy it? Leave me a comment.

Want more? Check out Lawless.

For even more fun, hop along to the other sexy snippets this week.

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