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Did he remember the past? #sexysnippets #rainbowsnippets #Suspense

Hello, snippeteers. Welcome back to rainbow snippets (6 sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction) and sexy snippets (7 sentences from their work-in-progress or published stories).

Two bare-chested men with tattoos. Veni Vidi Vici

Enjoy the next snippet from my story Live or Die which will appear in the Lawless Anthology: Manlove Edition to be published by Evernight Publishing and coming in November 2017.


For those new to this story, here's a recap. Alexei and Zakhar were old friends until Zakhar went away ten years ago. Now he's back but not exactly getting a warm welcome from Alexei.

You can catch up with the story from the opening scene.

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Snippet 9

This follows on from Snippet 9 and we're still in Zakhar's POV.

Please pardon the long snippet. I've done it to allow the scene to move along a little and still keep the context for those following the story.


Exploring my options of getting out of here alive, my muscles tightened as I calculated the distance between Alexei and me—about five feet. I could take down the man behind me and recover his weapon, but that gambled on Alexei being slow on the trigger.

His cold, hard, flinty eyes dared me to move, fingers primed to follow through on his threat.

Perhaps backing down would earn me a reprieve. At least I hoped it would.

“Alexei,” I breathed out his name, not quite a plea but with enough gentleness to convey deference. “You’ve never needed anyone to protect you from me. You’ve always been able to kick my butt all by yourself.”

Something flickered in his gaze and was gone before I could read it. Did he remember the past? Our shared history? One of the training sessions where he’d taught me to defend myself, perhaps?

Whatever it had been, my words seemed to have an effect. After a few more tense heartbeats he flicked his left hand.

With a quiet click, the door behind me opened. The bodyguards walked out, not saying a word and the low buzz from the rest of the building muted once the heavy slab shut with a thunk.


Did you enjoy the snippet? Leave me a comment.

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