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Everything threatened to unravel #sexysnippets #rainbowsnippets #mmromance

Hello, snippeteers. Welcome back to rainbow snippets (6 sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction) and sexy snippets (7 sentences from their work-in-progress or published stories).

Sexy man in leather jacket

In this week's snippet we get to see that everything comes with a cost. This continues last week's snippet, and the POV is Zakhar's.

It's a little longer to keep the context. I hope you enjoy it.


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“Mr. Stone, why are you here?” Alexei said my name with enough contempt to cap an iceberg.

Not the welcome I’d been expecting from an old friend. There had been a time when we’d been inseparable, best pals willing to do anything for one another—live or die.

My lungs constricted, making it hard to breath and black spots flashed in my vision.

Stress, a side effect from ten years of dealing with criminals, thinking like them, living with them. Years of disguising my true self, of assuming fake identities, of living from one lie to another.

Everything threatened to unravel if I didn’t get my act together.

I forced air into my nostrils, easing the squeeze in my chest and clearing my sight. “I need to talk to you, privately.”


Did you enjoy the snippet? Leave me a comment.

Don't forget to check out the other wonderful writers sharing snippets this week.

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