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Trigger-happy bodyguards who looked ready to spray blood all over pristine walls #sexysnippets #rai

Hello, snippeteers. Welcome back to rainbow snippets (6 sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction) and sexy snippets (7 sentences from their work-in-progress or published stories).

I'm continuing from last week's snippet, and this snippet is self-explanatory. The POV is Zakhar's.

I hope you enjoy it.


Outside and on the floors below, the busy offices buzzed with activities like any lawful corporate premises. Nothing would indicate that this was the hub of a criminal organisation, the MIRNO Cartel, whose offences included digital espionage, cyber terrorism, and money laundering.

MIRNO left no paper trail, no digital footprint of their transactions. They had optimal technologies and first rate hackers.

And as head of the network, Alexei Smirnov was number one on The Agency's most wanted list.

Proven to be the most effective undercover agent, I've been assigned to infiltrate his organisation.

That's the reason I sat here, feigning nonchalance while surrounded by Alexei's trigger-happy bodyguards who looked ready to spray my blood all over their boss's pristine ivory walls like contemporary artists dabbling with abstract paintings.


Did you enjoy the snippet? Leave me a comment.

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