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Caging a wild Siberian tiger wasnt the same thing as taming it #sexysnippets #rainbowsnippets

Hello, snippeteers. Welcome back to rainbow snippets (6 sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction) and sexy snippets (7 sentences from their work-in-progress or published stories).

I'm in love again. With new characters and a new storyline.

I got a new story idea in the past week and my fingers have been flying over the keyboard as I write. It's been a while since I've been excited about writing a new story. So for this week's snippet, I'm sharing from my WIP tentatively titled The A to Z of Us.

For those of you who are new to my stories, I kind of like anti-heroes, bad men who are unapologetic about who they are. Alexei Smirnov is one of those. Zakhar 'Zac' Stone was an old friend but went to work for the other side which Alexei saw as betrayal. But now Zac is back to ask for Alexei's help.

This is taken right from the opening scene of the story.


Sitting on an ivory leather chair, fingers steeped against his lips, dark hooded eyes watching me, Alexei Smirnov oozed restrained aggression.

Barring an open, black laptop, nothing else marred the surface of the simple polished walnut desk that separated us. The floor to ceiling glass to my right showed a panorama of the city, grey skyscrapers, cerulean sky and the silver, winding river in the horizon. In here, pearly white walls and slate floor tiles, stylish teal sofas and a charcoal rug completed the sleek effect of this executive space.

The minimalist haven of serenity imprisoned Alexei's natural, savage energy, just like his expensive, snazzy suit projected the image of a prosperous business man.

None of these things fooled me.

Caging a wild Siberian tiger wasn't the same thing as taming it.


Did you enjoy the snippet? Leave me a comment.

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