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His actions were without timidity or uneasiness #MidWeekTease #DarkRomance #loveislove

Happy Hump Day!

I've got another teaser from Runner and we're continuing from where we left off in last week's Mid Week Tease.

Runner is published in the Dark Captive: Manlove Edition Anthology.

The story is written from Ash's POV. Enjoy ❤

His actions were without timidity or uneasiness, his motion decisive and dominant, seeking no permission.

“I'm all right.” Coming to my senses, I took the bottle off him and stepped away. How could I permit him to touch me like this? Like he had a right to. Like I belonged to him.

Rob, one of my neighbors slowed his jogging and marked time on a spot beside us.

“Ash, are you all right?” he asked, staring at me and then at the stranger.

“Yes, Rob. I’m okay,” I replied after drawing in a shaky breath. I glanced at the man in black and said. “I have to go.”

His expression remained inscrutable, but he nodded as if giving me permission to leave. A part of me felt as if he could’ve detained me. This had to be a ridiculous notion as the park lay busy with people and Rob still stood waiting.

Shaking my head to dispel the fuzzy sensation, I jogged off in the direction of home. My hands trembled, and my heart pounded. But that could’ve been just the rush of going home to grab a shower.

Copyright 2016 Kai Tyler


Story Title: Runner

Author: Kai Tyler


When my brother calls me out of the blue one day, I know trouble won’t be far behind. But I never expected to be abducted and to become the property of a cartel boss.

Sergei Petrichenko is a man who scares me as much as he fascinates me. A man whose tender touches make me burn as much as his dark soul threatens to consume me. A ruthless man no one would dare to cross.

My name is Ash Brady, and I have to dare. I’ve trained most of my life to run and when the time comes I’m going to run like hell.

Find out more about Dark Captive.

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Thank you to Angelica Dawson for the opportunity to participate.

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