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He smelled like a crisp, spring morning #MidWeekTease #MMRomance #Loveislove

Happy Hump Day!

We're continuing from where we left off in last week's Mid Week Tease from my story, Runner, published in the Dark Captive: Manlove Edition Anthology.

The story is written from Ash's POV. Enjoy ❤

“Are you okay?” he asked in a guttural voice tinged with an accent I couldn’t place immediately. His sharp black eyes searched my face.

Swallowing hard, I bobbed my head, unable to work saliva into my dry mouth. He had to be the best-looking man I’d ever seen. He appeared older, somewhere in his late thirties, perhaps early forties. Tall, wide, and well-built from what I could see outlined in his sports kit. Beneath the black hood, a hardened face with asymmetrical features loomed over me. He had straight, thick brows over those striking eyes. And sensuous lips that made me think of fallen angels.

He reached for me, hand sliding from my shoulder to my neck.

My breath stayed trapped in my throat and for a few seconds, I couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t move. There was something compelling about him, especially now he stroked me. His touch was gentle yet possessive. He smelled like a crisp, spring morning in the woods. Locking my knees, I resisted the urge to lean in and sniff him. My skin heated up, and I shivered, my cock pulsing to life.

“You don’t look too good. Have a drink.” He stepped close, reached for my pack and withdrew the bottle of water.

Copyright 2016 Kai Tyler


Story Title: Runner

Author: Kai Tyler


When my brother calls me out of the blue one day, I know trouble won’t be far behind. But I never expected to be abducted and to become the property of a cartel boss.

Sergei Petrichenko is a man who scares me as much as he fascinates me. A man whose tender touches make me burn as much as his dark soul threatens to consume me. A ruthless man no one would dare to cross.

My name is Ash Brady, and I have to dare. I’ve trained most of my life to run and when the time comes I’m going to run like hell.

Find out more about Dark Captive.

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Thank you to Angelica Dawson for the opportunity to participate.

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