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He exuded dominance and danger #MidWeekTease #DarkRomance #DarkCaptiveAntho

Happy Hump Day!

We're continuing from where we left off in last week's Mid Week Tease from my story, Runner, published in the Dark Captive: Manlove Edition Anthology.

The story is written from Ash's POV. Enjoy ❤

A man in an all-black outfit ran behind me, about eighty yards away and made no effort to close the distance between us. I’d never seen him in the park before, and he appeared strange because he wore a long-sleeve jersey with a hood and full-length track bottom.

Strange as although it was still early morning, we’d been experiencing a hot season. Sometimes I came out in long sleeves, but once I’d warmed up, I would store my sweatshirt in my pack or loop it around my waist.

He covered his entire body aside from his face.

And what a striking face—tanned skin, rugged features, salt and pepper stubble on his chin. Piercing eyes intent on me, like a predator tracking prey.

He exuded dominance and danger.

A shiver of pleasure ran down my spine as my cock twitched. The man could be an axe-murderer and I found him attractive. What the fuck!

Heat streaked my cheeks. I turned away, fiddled with the volume of my music player app, so I could hear if someone came up close and increased my speed. I did another set of laps, avoiding the dark, dense foliage of trees.

The prickling on my nape indicated the man still trailed close. I refused to glance at him, worried about my body’s response to his presence. Granted, my sex life sat in the doldrums at the moment due to schoolwork and training schedule. But picking up strange men in the park had never been my thing and I wouldn’t start now.

After a while, I slowed down, pulled my water bottle from the latch of the little pack on my back, and took a drink. The cold water refreshed and boosted my energy levels, ready for me to do the last batch of laps. Putting the bottle away, I took a couple of steps and stumbled.

The man in black sprinted in front of me, heading in my direction. He had the most entrancing fluid stride possible.

Frozen to the spot, I stared at him with open appreciation until he stopped beside me.

Copyright 2016 Kai Tyler


Story Title: Runner

Author: Kai Tyler


When my brother calls me out of the blue one day, I know trouble won’t be far behind. But I never expected to be abducted and to become the property of a cartel boss.

Sergei Petrichenko is a man who scares me as much as he fascinates me. A man whose tender touches make me burn as much as his dark soul threatens to consume me. A ruthless man no one would dare to cross.

My name is Ash Brady, and I have to dare. I’ve trained most of my life to run and when the time comes I’m going to run like hell.

Find out more about Dark Captive.

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Thank you to Angelica Dawson for the opportunity to participate.

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