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The skin on my neck prickled and I glanced back #MidWeekTease #DarkRomance #Manlove

Happy Hump Day!

Today's Mid Week Tease comes from my story, Runner, published in the Dark Captive: Manlove Edition Anthology.

This is taken from the opening scene and is in Ash's POV. Enjoy ❤

The main door to my building slammed behind me as I jogged down the short steps to the paved walkway. The sky was gray, neither dark nor light at this time of the morning. My running shoes pounded the tarmac as I headed across the road, squeezing between parked cars to go toward the park.

Behind me a car started up—one of my neighbors who worked in a bakery—the only other person who got out of bed as early as I did.

Ahead, trees stood as unmoving sentries and bushes demarcated the shadows of the adventure playground from the ghost mist hovering over the glittering large pond.

Keeping to the open space, I completed two laps before the regulars appeared: dog walkers, joggers, or just people using the park as a cut-through on their way to their destinations.

With a wave here and a shout-out there in greetings, I paused to stretch my warmed muscles before carrying on with the third lap.

The skin on my neck prickled, and I glanced back.

My heart took up a sudden staccato beat.

Copyright 2016 Kai Tyler


Story Title: Runner

Author: Kai Tyler


When my brother calls me out of the blue one day, I know trouble won’t be far behind. But I never expected to be abducted and to become the property of a cartel boss.

Sergei Petrichenko is a man who scares me as much as he fascinates me. A man whose tender touches make me burn as much as his dark soul threatens to consume me. A ruthless man no one would dare to cross.

My name is Ash Brady, and I have to dare. I’ve trained most of my life to run and when the time comes I’m going to run like hell.

Find out more about Dark Captive.

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Thank you to Angelica Dawson for the opportunity to participate.

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