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Heaven opened up and out poured temptation #MidWeekTease #MMRomance

Happy Hump Day!

We're continuing with another Mid Week Tease from Sicario, World's End Book 2.

I've moved on a little from last week's tease. Enzo and Lexan have rounded up the cattle and are mending the broken fence when this happens. Enjoy ❤

Enzo's POV

We were on the last post when heaven opened up above us and a downpour of stinging cold rain hit us. Alex didn’t complain once as the hard rain pelted our skin through the fabric of our shirts.

We worked quickly. Done, Alex packed up the box and returned it to the ATV.

“The rain doesn’t look like it’ll let up anytime soon and the ATV is dangerous to handle in this weather, especially to drive all the way back to the ranch house,” I yelled so he could hear me in the howling wind.

“What else can we do?” he asked, hunched over, hands in his jeans pockets.

“There’s a cabin not far from here. We use it for when we have to work long days out here and there isn’t enough light to return to the hacienda.”

“Sounds good to me.” He straddled the ATV. “Lead the way.”

I nodded and climbed onto Chip. The horse had a good disposition which was why I’d chosen him with the approaching weather. I turned back to Alex.

“Be careful on the ATV. Just go slow. I don’t want you breaking your neck on your first day here.”

His flashed me a grin full of white teeth. “Yes...I’ll go slowly.”

It sounded as if he’d intended to say “Yes, boss” again before changing his mind.

Another smile curled my lips and I turned away so he couldn’t see it as I nudged the horse forward.

In the rain, it took longer than usual to reach the cabin. I had to keep glancing over my shoulder to make sure Alex was still following. The light on the ATV didn’t penetrate the sleet and I couldn’t hear the buzz sometimes.

I was soaked by the time we eventually­­­­ got there. Alex parked the ATV in the shed as I settled Chip into a stall and used the sweat scraper to get most of the wetness off while Alex piled the hay in front of her. Then I turned on the generator, ensuring there would be power in the cabin.

I headed for the porch of the cabin and climbed the step. “You’re going to have to take your clothes off out here. Gianna will kill me if we drip water all over the wooden floor inside. It only got replaced recently.”

I said the words in a matter of fact tone as I sat on the stairs to pull my boots off.

“Okay,” he said and mirrored what I did.

My pulse raced. I'd see him without clothes. What was wrong with me? Yes, I was attracted to men. But I hadn’t been with a man in years, since I was in my late teens. We lived in a world where being with another man was outlawed. I’d considered my actions then as youthful folly and suppressed my feelings. I certainly wouldn’t risk everything I’d worked hard to build for some stranger.

I turned my back to him as I unbuttoned my soaked shirt and dropped it on the floor before undoing my fly. My hand brushed over my hardening cock. I tried to maintain nonchalance as I peeled the drenched denim down making sure my back was to him.

Keeping my boxer briefs on, I opened the door, switched on the overhead lamp and walked into the main room. I kindled the logs in the fireplace. The fire sparked and crackled. Although the rain had been cold, the temperature inside the cabin remained mild. The heat from the fireplace would help to dry the clothes quickly.

I turned around to find Alex standing inside totally naked.

My lips parted and the chill fled my body as I stared at him. There was only one word I could find to describe him.


He wasn’t huge or bulky. But he had the toned lean muscles of an athlete. Sinews built for endurance. A beard covered the lower part of his face. He’d loosened the band holding his hair in place. The multi-tonal brown tresses fell down his back, softening the angles of his face.

His tongue traced his upper lip and my eyes tracked its pink progress. Mouth moistened, I wondered what he’d taste like.

“Where do you want me to put these?” He stretched out the hands holding his clothes. They’d covered his dick which I now saw as full and erect.

Gasping, my gaze flew to his face. He couldn’t possibly be attracted to me. I turned around as my face heated and grabbed a wooden chair.

“You can hang them over this,” I said in a gruff voice, shaken by my response to him.

I walked to the bathroom cupboard and pulled out a couple of towels before walking back out to toss one at him. “Cover up.”

Copyright (c) 2016-17 Kai Tyler


Find out more about Lexan and Enzo HERE.

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Thank you to Angelica Dawson for the opportunity to participate.

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