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Here goes my night. #MidWeekTease #MMRomance #Suspense #Freebie

Happy Hump Day!

Continuing on from last week's Mid Week Tease from Duce, I'm showcasing the scene where Dante meets Carlos for the first time. It is in Dante's POV. Enjoy.

PS: Did you know Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey in White Collar, and don't tell me you've never watched it. Go Netflix it already. :D) is my vision of Dante Orsino?

Photo by Robert Ascroft/USA Network

Tingles shot up my leg straight to my balls. Stifling a groan, I tensed my body as I fought for control. This boy set my veins alight with very little effort, leaving me speechless for a moment. His lips curled into a cocky smile, as if he knew exactly how he made me feel.

The open body posture and bright eyes radiated adoration that made me want to grab him and kiss him. Made me want to take him home and keep him. Never let the boy go. And where would that get me or him? Dead, that’s where.

"Move along, pretty boy," I said in a low, hard voice.

Carl stiffened and sat up straight, withdrawing his hand as if he’d been bitten. "I'm not a boy. I'm twenty-one."

"Still not my type."

From his wounded expression, he didn't look like someone used to getting rejected.

"Whatever. Your loss." He stood and turned away.

The way the trousers hugged his ass as he walked away made me even harder, if that were possible. I tossed my drink back, determined not to regret dismissing Carl. Tonight was about a hook up, not a relationship.

Unable to look away, my stare followed Carl’s movement. With a sullen expression, he spoke to his friends before heading down the stairs alone, and disappearing from view.

My skin prickled and I rolled the glass of brandy between my hands, a sign that I wasn’t unaffected. Had he hooked up with someone else already?

A few minutes later, he appeared by the bar below engaged in conversation with a big tattooed man who looked like he could crush Carl in his hands.

I shifted in my chair. Did the boy have a death wish or what?

Raising my hand, I drew the waiter’s attention and ordered another drink while watching Carl as he headed in the direction of the exit with tattoo guy.

The knot in my stomach didn't go away. When the waiter brought my glass, I growled at the persistent niggling in my mind, tossed some notes on the table, and headed for the door.

The warm night enveloped me. People still milled around, smoking weed and chatting. I tried to tune into Carl, filtering out sounds that weren’t him on my enhanced receptor. A couple adjusting their trousers stumbled out of a dark alley. I headed in the same direction. The man Carl had followed out didn't look like the book-a-room type of guy. I gambled that they planned to get down and dirty out here on the grimy streets.

I didn’t have far to go before I heard Carl’s loud protest.

"I said I'm not interested anymore."

It still had a note of defiance in there, masking the fear I could hear in the tremble of his voice.

"You can't bring us out here with a promise of your tight little ass and then change your mind, boy," a deep male voice said.

"I didn't ask for two of you."

"No more out of you."

The sound of fabric tearing filled the air, followed by what sounded like a muffled cry.

I quickened my steps. In a matter of seconds, the end of a narrow dark alley came into view. In the shadows, two hulking figures leaned over a smaller fella on his knees. Carl.

A good place for a reckless person like Carl. But not for those two brutes.

My nose flared.

Here goes my night.

Copyright (c) 2015-17 Kai Tyler


Dante and Carlos are two of my favourite characters to write. Find out more about them and the book HERE.

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Thank you to Angelica Dawson for the opportunity to participate.

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